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All Plates served with 2 sides, hushpuppies, onion, and pickle.

Large Plate (3 filets) 10.49
Medium Plate (2 filets) 9.49
Cajun Crawfish Plate 9.99
Butterfly Shrimp Plate8.99
Popcorn Shrimp Plate8.99
Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders 8.99
Buffalo Chicken Plate 8.99
Combo Plate (Any 2 Meats) 10.99
The Swamp Platter 11.99


All Snacks include fries and hushpuppies.

Famous Catfish Snack (2 filets) 8.49
Butterfly Shrimp Snack 7.49
Hand Breaded Chicken Snack 7.99

Po’ Boy Combos

Served on toasted bread with lettuce and sauce. Served with house fried ranch potato chips and a drink.

Catfish Po’ Boy (Fried or Blackened) 8.99
Cajun Crawfish Po’ Boy 8.99
Shrimp Po’ Boy 8.99
Chicken Po’ Boy (Fried or Blackened) 7.99
Fried Oyster Po’ Boy 8.99

Catfish Tacos

Includes 2 tacos chips and a drink.

Catfish Tacos 7.99

Kid’s Meals

All kids meals include fries and drink.

Kid’s Catfish 5.99
Kid’s Shrimp 5.99
Kid’s Chicken 5.99 
Hushpuppy Dog 4.99

Lite Menu

Includes baked meat, one side, 2 hushpuppies, pickle, and sauce.

Baked Catfish (Blackened or Regular) 10.49
Baked Chicken (Blackened or Regular) 9.49


Includes lettuce, tomato, bacon egg, cheese, purple onion.

Fish, Shrimp, or Chicken Salad (Fried or Blackened) 8.99

Side Items

French Fries 1.29
Cole Slaw 1.29
Baked Beans 1.29
Baked Potato 1.99
Fried Potato Chips 0.99
Fried Okra 1.29
Onion Rings (Substitute for size for 1.00) 1.99
Hushpuppies (3) 1.29
Side Salad (Substitute for side for 1.00) 2.49
Sweet Potato Fries (Substitute for side for 0.99) 3.49
Side of Shrimp (3) 2.50
Side of Shrimp (6) 5.00
Extra Piece of Fish 2.49
Extra Piece of Chicken 1.59


Fountain Drinks, Tea, and Coffee
32 oz. Drink 2.29
20 oz. Drink 1.89
Kids’ Drink 0.99


Signature Key Lime Pie 2.99
Homemade Banana Pudding 1.75
Homemade Pecan Bread Pudding (Served with vanilla ice cream) 3.50
Funnel Cake Fries 2.99
Pineapple Upside Down Cake 3.99
Caramel Cake 1.99

Pan of Homemade Bread Pudding $29.99
1/2 Pan Banana Pudding $19.99
Whole Caramel Cake $19.99


All platters include 1 pint of slaw, 1 pint of sauce, and 10 hushpuppies.

12 Piece Fish 39.99
12 Piece Chicken 29.99